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The CDC currently recommends the use of cloth masks by the general public. Is this recommendation based in science?

2020 Open Letter

The July 2020 open letter was written by Allison R. Lucas, Esq., an experienced attorney, published legal author, and knowledgeable researcher. The letter was written to school officials and other policy-makers and discusses the lack of science supporting the use of cloth face masks in children and the potential harms associated with covering a child's airway and hindering a child's ability to communicate.  

2021 Open Letter

As of January of 2021, DHHS mandates facial coverings for children. The January 2021  open letter was written by educated professionals who have a vested interest in ensuring that the public policy regarding mask-wearing in the classroom is evidence-based.  The letter discusses a Freedom of Information Act Request response regarding mask-wearing, children, and science.  


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